Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter fun

My last post was April 29, 2010. I was just about to take my last law school final. Somehow it is now April 23, 2011. A lot has changed. A lot hasn't changed.

Since I don't keep any sort of journal, I've been thinking about bringing the blog back. I'm still undecided. As a trial run, I thought I'd blog about how I've celebrated Easter so far.

I love Easter. I don't know if it is the fact that my favorite candy - M&Ms - come in cute pastel colors and egg shapes. Or if it is because I love playing the Easter Bunny to my friends and family.

Anyways, this year I've celebrated by baking and easter basket making. For treats: sugar cookies, chocolate-peanut butter-marshmallow chow mein bird nests with robins eggs, and white chocolate popcorn with easter m&ms.

I found the recipe for the popcorn here; it only takes a few minutes and you can do it for any holiday with holiday-themed candy. Super cute gift for the people you visit teach, etc.

I love making easter baskets for people. I think it is so fun to find a little something personalized, even if it is the person's favorite candy. This year I did baskets for my nephew Mason, my mom and dad, and the bf and his fam. I like to think of something particular the person likes - a small gift card for their favorite store, a big bag of their favorite candy, or for guys even some bottles of powerade. I've discovered the dollar store and Big Lots and all the wonderful inexpensive things you can buy there for gift-giving. Bags of candy and easter eggs for pretty cheap.

I'm always a little sad when Easter comes and goes because there is a little holiday drought in terms of decorating and baking. So I decided to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year. That should hold me through until 4th of July.

Happy Easter.

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Faroe said...

Those robins nests are so cute!